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Auditions Happening Next Winter Nationwide!

The Met Opera Auditions continued “virtually”  throughout the pandemic, even as the Met itself was forced to cancel all of its productions. Thanks to you and other Auditions supporters, we met our $16,000 goal in last season’s Drive! You helped bring us to the top. Now we are getting ready for our fall/winter drive for the 2022 Auditions. These will be held in Denver January 29 for the Colorado/Wyoming District Auditions, and January 30 for the Rocky Mountain Regional Finals. We are already making plans to fly out judges, rent out the Newman Center, and generally cover all the expenses of a traditional round of auditions. Metropolitan Opera National Council Executive Director Melissa Wegner is working closely with us to get all the pieces in place again. This year, our expenses will add up to $35,000, similar to previous years. And that’s where you come in! Your involvement will help singers during this challenging year and advance their careers.




You Make These Auditions Possible!

This year, your support is needed more than ever. Please consider increasing your donation to MONC. Our operating expenses will be higher than last year’s to cover the costs of a truly live set of Auditions, including in singer awards, judges’ flight and other expenses, rental of the Newman Center, and more. Please go to our donations page on our website to donate securely online or by mail or phone.

Our fundraising goal for 2020-2021 is $35,000 for singers’ awards and other expenses. Please make your donation today. Thank you.



You may discover the next Renee Fleming at the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions! The program was born in Minneapolis/St.Paul in 1954. The opera auditions are made possible by over 1500 dedicated volunteers in 28 U.S. opera districts and Mexico, which are grouped into 10 regions. Your Rocky Mountain Region has been looking for great voices to sing at the Met since 1958, in the Colorado-Wyoming District, the Utah District and the Arizona District. The Rocky Mountain Regional Finals are held at the Gates Concert Hall of the University of Denver. The Met Opera Auditions are a nationwide competition beginning at the district level and culminating in the exciting National Council Grand Finals Concert at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.

The winners from the 12 opera regions represent their region at the National Semi-Finals in New York; at this opera audition they present two arias on the Metropolitan Opera stage accompanied by piano. Approximately ten of these opera singers are selected as National Finalists and compete in the National Grand Finals Concert, which is held one week later. The National Grand Finalists’ opera program consists of two arias each on the stage of The Metropolitan Opera accompanied by the Met Opera Orchestra in concert. Up to five equal winners will be chosen and awarded $25,000 each. The remaining opera singer finalists will receive $10,000 each. National Semi-Finalists not advancing to the Finals each receive $1,500.

Met Opera Rocky Mountain Regional Winners from March 14!







Congratulations to our five incredibly talented winners of the 2021 Metropolitan Opera National Council Rocky Mountain Regional Winners! Jongwon Han and Cheyanne Coss went to New York as semifinalists, where they auditioned at the national level. The National Semifinals were held on Sunday, May 9, 2021. Jogwon Han won at the Semifinals, and moved on to the National Grand Finals Concert on Sunday, May 16, 2021.

From the Met

Here is more information from the Metropolitan Opera. As you can see, they continue to work very hard to make the Auditions happen to ensure a future for opera in America. This is what your donation is supporting in this challenging time!

Recently, the Met Opera had a feedback webinar for the singers who did not qualify for the District rounds. Melissa was joined by singer and mental health counselor Beth Clayton, who is also one of their MONC judges. We discussed feedback from the video auditions and strategies for handling disappointment, objective self-assessment, and moving forward with goals. Here’s a profile that Opera News ran on Beth in the September 2020 issue:

Melissa Wegner

From CO/WY District Co-Director Chris Mohr

I first fell in love with opera at age 12 when I heard the
Prelude to Act Three of Wagner’s Lohengrin on the radio. I
lived in a farm town, didn’t know what a prelude was or even
what Act Three meant, and I had no idea that the name of the
opera was Lohengrin. I just called it Prelude to Act Three by
Wagner. Listening to the Met opera broadcasts was a door to
a whole other world for me. I look back on that and realize
that these radio broadcasts were a great tool for the
democratization of opera.
Some people ask me why I am a part of MONC, and my
answer is simple. I want to make a contribution to my
community, and MONC is a good place to do it. First, the
opera performances I’ve seen and heard over the years,
whether on radio, recordings, on live stages around the
world, on local stages here in Colorado, and now with live
Met HD performances in movie theatres and through home
streaming, are the same as you have seen and heard
throughout your life. They’ve given all of us a lot along our
life paths. So I feel a need to give back to the opera
community that has so enriched my life.
If you love opera too, this is a time when the opera world and
especially young singers need your help more than ever! To
misquote Nietzsche, “Without opera, life would be a
mistake.” And to correctly quote Ellie Caulkins, “The Met
Opera Auditions are the future of opera in America.” With
110 former Met Opera Auditions winners on the 2019 Met
Opera roster, you know Ellie is right. We need great singers
to fill our souls, and the Met and the great singers they
nurture need you today to ensure a bright future. Please go to
our donations page now to show your support!

Met Opera Auditions: Support the Future of Opera in America! Now that the doors are reopening to opera houses all over America,                                                                                                                   you can help us be sure the stage continues to be populated with world class talent! The Met Opera
Auditions are “full-steam ahead”
Please support your local Met Auditions!

Watch our National Finals Winner Jonah Hoskins

in Recital for Free on his Facebook Live Page!

Dear Opera Fan,

On March 1 of 2020, Steve Dilts, Ellie Caulkins, Chris Mohr and Karen Mohr were part of the audience at the Grand National Finals of the MONC auditions, one of the last events at the Met before the opera house had to close down during the pandemic. The concert was the culmination of months of district and regional auditions across North America, and ended with the announcement of the national winners on the Met stage. We were thrilled when we heard our Rocky Mountain Regional finalist, tenor Jonah Hoskins, named as one of the five winners. Today, as all our lives have been upended in so many ways, that experience seems like another lifetime. Still, in one form or another, music goes on. As Jonah’s and our gift to you, we want to offer you his free online recital.

In an interview with Jonah which appears in the current auditions newsletter, he told us how disappointing it was that he didn’t have a live audience for his senior recital, but that it is streamed on his FaceBook page. We have heard Jonah sing some incredible opera highlights in his Met Auditions, and now you can see what an excellent interpreter of art song he is as well. Jonah would love for you to see his performance here.



Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts, University of Denver

Colorado/Wyoming District Auditions

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Rocky Mountain Regional Finals

Sunday, January 30, 2022
Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts
University of Denver

Grand National Finals

Date Sunday, May 1, 2022, 3:00pm
Metropolitan Opera House, New York, NY

Here are the Winners from the March 2020 Grand National Finals!

HERE WERE THE WINNERS OF THE 2020 MONC WINNERS from Sunday’s Grand National Finals in New York, including the Rocky Mountain Region’s own Jonah Hoskins! Jonah killed “Ah Mes Amis,” singing all nine high Cs with ease and adding several high D’s as an extra flourish. Thank you everyone, your support makes this possible!

Gabrielle Beteag, Mezzo-Soprano, Southeast Region

Blake Denson, Baritone, Midwest Region

Jonah Hoskins, Tenor, Rocky Mountain Region

Alexandria Shiner, Soprano, Middle Atlantic Region

Denis Vélez, Soprano, Gulf Coast Region

The above photo is credited to Richard Termine/Metropolitan Opera

L-R: Beteag, Denson, Vélez, Hoskins, Shiner


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